Chapter 1: Journey of my life

First entry for new blog, in new sem with new energy, now I'm coming to share my journey of life..nothing much to write because now I dont really in the mood of story-telling..but here we go, I try to share a bit about my education background..

1. Sek Ren Kebangsaan Batu Lapan (now SK Fakih Abdul Samad)

1993-1995, I studied in this school only for 3 years..this is quite an old school in front of Taman I was appointed as a prefect in Year 2 n 3...

2. Sek Ren Islam Al-Irsyad

1995-1998, I moved to this Islamic school just to learn more about religious knowledge..this is a private school with monthly fees..the nuance of this school is so serene, being located in Kg Kurnia Batu 3, just perfect although there was no field for sports..just a students are taught to call themselves with arabic term..Ana-me, Anta/Anti-You, Muallim/Muallimah-Teacher..till now I'm still using all this terms when speaking to my ex-classmates or with my teachers there..

3. Sek Men Agama Al-Ihsan

1999-2003, I studied for 5 years in this school...I chose this school by having their interview and I passed it...located near fisherman village of Tanjung Api, you can smell fresh fish in your class especially at I was a prefect for 4 years...the school is not really well-equipped but I love it so I manage a blog for my batch alumni and we had successfully organized twice Reunion in Vistana Hotel-2004 and Teluk Chempedak 2008..

4. Matriculation center of IIUM (now CENFOS)

2004-2005, for higher education, I chose MCIIIUM because it was my dream after all to be an IIUM first, I was taking engineering course in first sem, but later on I appealed to convert to Science Bio...located in Petaling Jaya, so much fun studying here..first, it just takes 10 minutes for you to go to KL..and this is my first experience study in outside's true...I never had any thought of study far from my hometown because I dont want to stay at hostel..haha..but MCIIUM changed my I love the experiences there..

5. IIUM Gombak

July 2006-November 2006-I registered in Gombak with uncertainty with the rumours that Kulliyyah of Science will be moving to Kuantan campus..but I dont really's near with my home...home sweet home..I love Taaruf Week in was tiring but fun..especiallly when we did I-robic at stadium..and my mahallah also very far from Kulliyyah building..believe me, it takes you almost 20 minutes from mahallah Talhah to KOS...thus, I decided to discipline myself to follow bus schedule..sometimes, I missed the bus, n my fren's motorcycle were all, with all sweaty face, i had to walk....I hate those experience because it is tiring just to reach KOS building near KOE..

6. IIUM Kuantan

Disember 2006-we had to move to our new brand KOS building..we had all the problems at first to adjust ourselves with this "empty" campus, unlike joyful-Gombak campus..I had so many things to tell you about my experience here..but may be later on...I survived until my last sem now..Alhamdulillah...till we meet again...Adios...

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  1. Master J, on 11 Disember 2009 6:57 PTG said:

    fuyooo dh cntik dh blog dia...hehe..

  2. Iris, on 12 Disember 2009 1:06 PG said:

    haha..tq la mesti cantek baru mari...haha..selamat membaca my poor english...haha..

  3. arcane, on 12 Disember 2009 1:53 PG said:

    come over :)

  4. Iris, on 12 Disember 2009 2:08 PG said:

    tq caknaz..nanti i link ur blog gak..

  5. Noraslinda, on 13 Disember 2009 12:53 PG said:

    Thank you for sharing it with me..

  6. Tanpa Nama, on 13 Disember 2009 7:07 PG said: to hear that struggling life in gombak..
    but keep in ur mind..
    walking to the class = exercise..
    haha..hg pon bkn slalu exercise kan? =p


  7. Iris, on 14 Disember 2009 6:30 PG said:

    kan..biasalah execise la sgt..

  8. Tanpa Nama, on 14 Disember 2009 7:46 PTG said:

    huhu..lutut da ok kah?
    kalu dah..buleh la kita round tasek bandar lagi..ngeh2..