FYP season 2

T. E could be easily identified between RBC and WBC...It will be stained purple due to nucleus possession..

It's certain now that I will study Trypanosoma evansi..it is usually found in cattle, horse, camels, and buffaloes..it is rarely causing disease in human..

Yesterday, I had injected all 12 mice with blood containing T.E..It's hard to inject them IP because sometimes I didn't really sure it goes to IP or IM..hopefully i did it right..

The stock we get from Parasitology lab UKM Bangi..Thanx to En. Nan who is really generous to give some of their experties and materials..we get Picric acid that meant to be a safe and long-lasting marker for mice..So, goodbye marker pen that we used to mark the tail..

But the bad thing is we left force-feed needle there..haha..it just really chaotic at first because it's very limited..thanx Allah we have 1 more..En. Nan will bring it on 26 Dec when he comes to Kuantan for wedding..Otherwise, we have to pay it which is cost us hundred bucks..haha..

this 3 days will be very crucial..Giemsa staining 12 slide..examination of parasitemia..treatment will start and continued until the mice died after 3 days (how dangerous this parasite, the mice only can last 3 days, can you imagine..)

till then, i pray for the best...Insya Allah..

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  1. Tanpa Nama, on 19 Disember 2009 8:47 PG said:

    huhu...berusaha!! =]


  2. Nad, on 25 Disember 2009 6:33 PG said:

    nk jgk Picric acid! :))))

  3. Iris, on 25 Disember 2009 8:53 PG said:

    nad, picric acid ada kat lab animal fyp..kat ats rak warna kuning..

    guna jela, amek cotton bud colek sket dlm acid tuh pastu tanda la kat bulu mice/rat/ guinea pig..

    tanda kat buludia lama nak hilang..

  4. Nad, on 25 Disember 2009 4:08 PTG said:

    Ok, tq 4 sharing:))) sy dok wat line baru kt ekor rats, sbb ekor drg sng sgt kotor hu2

  5. Iris, on 25 Disember 2009 7:05 PTG said:

    oo, susah la gituh..mesti cepat ilang kan..nad amek je picric acid tuh..bukan byk pon nak guna..

    tapi kena tau la tanda tuh makna dia..mcm aku kepala-no1, badan=no 2, dekat ekor-no 3...

    nad, zaman2 marker pen ni dah berlalu..kita kan saintis skang..haha..