FYP: Full Yourself with Pressure

If my friend, Saifullah Arif defines FYP as For Your Pleasure, I have this kind of thought; FYP for me is ironically Full Yourself with Pressure..yes, FYP is hard time for everybody...with 4 months left to finish your research and complete the thesis, I notice all my friends are busy morning to nite...24 hours...7 days...that's including me...

my topic is changed now...from anthelminthic study to anti-malaria/ anti-trypanosoma..there are 2 choices, either I want to test my crude aqeous extract (CAE) of Avocado leaves against Plasmodium berghei (natural to mice) or Trypanosoma evansi (also natural cause in mice)..

For the start, now I'm giving my first group of mice (pre-infection) with CAE extract everyday (12 noon)..I forgot to tell you these are 5 groups:

1) Pre-infection-3 mice
2) Right after infection-3 mice
3) Post-infection-3 mice
4) Positive control-Chloroquine (gold standard treatment for malaria)
5) Negative control- distilled water

Yesterday (Friday-11 Dec 2009), my lovely supervisor Madam Norazsida Ramli invited her senior in UKM who are now a microbiologist in Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciene, IIUM to share his vast experiences in handling mice-model experiment..his name is Bro Syukri, wow, he is very expert in dealing with these tiny creature..

He taught us how the correct technique in these 3 basic yet crucial skill in my research:

1) Force feeding-giving the mice CAE extract
2) Intra-peritoneal injection
3) Blood withdraw from the tail

Alhamdulillah, this 3 hour session is benefial and I'm grateful to be shown the techniques from the expert..It is indeed my gratitude to Madam Norazsida and Bro Syukri for sharing their knowledge...Now, it's not that hard for me to give force feeding unlike before..it takes me just 1 hour to patiently give them the extract litle by litle..Now it's just seconds...How an achievement!

Next agenda in my schedule on Monday 14 Dec, heading to UKM Bangi to give the mice the infection..oh, how unfortunate their life will end...huhu..

till then...FYP, it is really full of pressure but pleasure at the end of your research when we are successfully prove something..it doesnt matter the treatment works or not...it just prove that matters..


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  1. Noraslinda, on 13 Disember 2009 12:51 PG said:

    Salam.. Best wishes..

  2. Iris, on 13 Disember 2009 3:07 PG said:

    tq madam..

  3. Tanpa Nama, on 13 Disember 2009 6:57 PG said:

    all da best..
    enjoy this moment...

  4. Iris, on 14 Disember 2009 6:30 PG said:

    tq daz...aiyooo ko dtg gak kat sni..igt ni utk kawan2 sekelas jek..

  5. Tanpa Nama, on 14 Disember 2009 7:45 PTG said:

    huhu.. tak leh ker?
    alaaa dtg singgah sat je pon..
    da dok promo sngt kat fb..huhu =p